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Online Backup & Data Recovery

Online Backup & Data Recovery

With more and more of your companies valuable data being stored electronically, ensuring you have a reliable online backup is now crucial for your company to continue operating. Previously backups were expensive and time consuming. Backup tape drives cost a significant amount of money and tapes had to be swapped on a daily basis and stored in a secure location. An online backup can replace or complement traditional tape based backups, ensuring that the most important data backups are located off-site, and reducing the overheads demanded by other backup systems.

We have an online backup solution that removes the cost and the headaches of backing up your data. Taking the pressure off you and providing a fail safe solution to ensure your data is secure.Using a broadband Internet connection we can securely store your data in our modern and safe datacentre on a daily basis. Using the latest encryption technologies you can be sure that this is a secure transfer and your data cannot be read.

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Online Backup Benefits

  • Provides a fully monitored backup solution
  • Ensures critical data is always available
  • Stores data in a secure offsite location
  • Allows automation of the backup process
  • Protects against all types of disasters
  • Increases productivity and simple data recovery
  • Provides back up history which makes it easy to restore from a particular backup date
  • Is cost effective; backup your data for as little as 1 euro per day
  • Provides peace of mind

By installing a small application on your file server the files are encrypted and then sent across the Internet using a broadband connection (your existing one). They are then stored on our servers securely and updated daily to ensure you have an up to date back up.

We also offer a free trial so call us now on 091-778770 or email us at sales@galwayit.ie